About EPAS

Directorate Economic Policy Advisory Services (EPAS)


Welcome to the Economics Information and Analysis section of the Ministry of Finance website.


Here you will find annual and quarterly reports, data, short papers and links to other relevant national and international reports. Please see the contacts page if you would like to get in touch.


This section of the website contains the annual and quarterly economic reports of the Ministry. The Macroeconomic and Fiscal policy Framework documents are annual reports produced in the lead up to the budget process. They advise the Minister of Finance and the Government as a whole on appropriate macroeconomic and fiscal policy for the budget. The quarterly economic updates serve as interim reports to management of the Ministry of Finance, giving details on any significant international, regional and domestic economic developments and the policy implications thereof.


This section of the website contains important data from the Ministry of Finance as well as other institutions (both Namibian and international).


The Ministry also does research and analysis on a range of topical economic issues.


This section of the website contains links to key reports and publications at the regional and global level, including SADC/SACU updates and IMF/World Bank papers.

Economic Policy Advisory Services (EPAS) within the Ministry of Finance works on a range of key tasks for the Ministry. On the whole it is the primary advisory function within the Ministry, responsible for economic and fiscal analysis and regional/international issues.

Within EPAS Directorate there are three Divisions as follows:

  • Macroeconomic Analysis and Projections Division: responsible for the annual macroeconomic framework, macroeconomic modelling and ongoing economic analysis and briefing.
  • Fiscal, Monetary Policy and Financial Markets Development Division: responsible for the annual fiscal policy framework, financial policy (including the financial literacy initiative) and ongoing fiscal policy advice.
  • Regional and International Studies Division: responsible for regional and international issues, including IMF and World Bank Missions, SACU and SADC issues and membership to other regional and international bodies.