Rauna Mukumangeni- Acting Director

Ms. Rauna Mukumangeni has 12 years’ experience in a variety of fields such as economic research, fisheries management, investment promotion, project appraisal, policy analysis, administration and real estate. Currently she is a Deputy Director within the Division of Project Appraisal in the Directorate of PPP. Previously she worked at the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) as an Economist and later as a Chief Economist before she transferred to the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Small Medium Enterprises (MITSMED) in the same position. At MFMR, she was involved daily in the management of quotas and fishing rights. She also served two consecutive terms as the Secretary to the Marine Resources Advisory Council, a body that advises the Minister on fisheries matters.

At MITSMED, her duties among others included promoting Namibia as a preferable destination for investment, appraising, analyzing and profiling of marketable projects for promotion by the Government. Her academic qualifications include a Masters in International Economic Policy and Analysis acquired at the University of Westminster, Masters of Business Administration from the Management College of Southern Africa, a Programme in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management from UNISA; Bachelor of Economics Degree from the University of Namibia. Additionally, she is a certified real estate agent. Ms. Mukumangeni is a seasoned traveller. She has travelled to more than 20 countries both privately and on official duty and has represented Namibia at international foras that include but are not limited to FAO, COFI and AGOA.


Elifas Luaanda - Deputy Director

Mr. Luaanda is a co-founder of the Public Private Partnership Directorate at the Ministry of Finance, Namibia, and Prior to joining PPP Directorate, Mr. Luaanda worked at Motor Vehicle Accident Fund at management level, Office of The Auditor General, Namibia Red Cross Society, Johnny and Penny Group of Company. Mr. Luaanda has over 12 years of experience ranging from property and procurement management, corporate finance, infrastructure finance, business project proposal, auditing, farming, debt collection and Insurance.

Mr. Luaanda has a Bachelor of Accounting, Postgraduate in Internal Auditing, both obtained from the University of Namibia and a Master in Development Finance (Thesis: Feasibility of PPP in financing infrastructure development in Namibia) and Management Development Program obtained from the Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa. He was part of the project team that implemented an Integrated Management System for Motor Vehicle Accident Fund, part of the team working on the development of affordable housing PPP project with the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development. He has attended various courses on leadership locally and international. He has attended Infrastructure in Market Economy and Ministerial Leadership in Health courses offered by Harvard Kennedy School and other courses on PPP.


Johannes N. Shipepe - Chief Economist

Chief Economist, PPP Unit Johannes Shipepe recently joined the Ministry of Finance as a Chief Economist in the Public Private Partnership Unit. Before that he was working at the National Planning Commission as a National Development Advisor where he has spent over six years primarily responsible for the formulation of the Development Budget. He has extensive experience on Development Planning, the Development Budget Process and Project Planning and Management. He’s recent activities at the National Planning Commission include the drafting of Project appraisal guidelines for the appraisal of development projects in the government.

Johannes completed his secondary education in Luderitz at the Luderitz Secondary School in 2005 and subsequently completed his degree in Economics with the Polytechnic of Namibia (2010). In 2014, Johannes completed his Master’s degree in Public Policy and Management with the University of London majoring in Project Appraisal, Privatization and Public Financial Management. Johannes has a keen interest in project assessment and has undergone a Project Appraisal and Risk Management course at the University of Duke, USA in 2015. Johannes is an avid reader and interested in economic and geo- political events.


Sofia N. Shino - Senior Economist

Senior Economist, Sofia Shino have join Ministry of Finance as a Senior Economist at Public Private Partnership unit. She hold a Master of Philosophy degree in Development Finance from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, an Honours degree in Economics from Namibia’s University of Science and Technology and a bachelor of science in Economics from Polytechnic of Namibia. She worked as a National Accounts statistician at the Namibia Statistics Agency and National Planning Commission in the Central Bureau of Statistics. Her responsibilities were but not limited to the compilation of the Namibia’s gross domestic products, other related macroeconomic statistics and conduct research.

She have been a member of the Macroeconomic working group that is responsible for the formulation of the Medium term framework that serve as a basis of the national budget estimates and a Committee member of the Namibia Economic Association. Sofia has intensive knowledge in modelling, both economic and financial analysis skill, research and good interpretation skill. She has been awarded as an overall best performer in the Namibia Statistics Agency in 2014 and the best performer in the Economic department in Namibia Statistics Agency in 2014. Sofia is determined for professional growth and devote herself to contribute to the accelerated economic growth.


Nashilongo Embumbulu - Private Secretary

Nashilongo Embumbulu is the private secretary at the directorate of Public Private Partnership. She is responsible for providing administrative services at the PPP directorate. Prior to her current position, Ms Nashilongo was a private secretary at the directorate of Budget Management and Control, and Payment Services in the Ministry of Finance. In her previous portfolio, Ms Nashilongo was responsible for the coordinating State budget meetings with a number of government institutions. She served as meetings administrator, taking minutes at these meetings. In addition, she drafted action plans emanating from these meetings.

Given Ms Nashilongo’s positive, attitude and willingness to perform extra duties, she was assigned to revamp the secretary’s forum blog, established to enhance communication amongst administrators. She draft the vision and mission statements for her previous directorate, identified, interviewed and wrote the success stories of staff members. Ms Nashilongo completed her school as Jan Jonker Afrikaner High School, graduated from the International Training College Lingua, and is thus perusing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with the Namibian University of Science and Technology.


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