Directorate of Expenditure & Financial Management

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The Directorate Expenditure and Financial Management is headed by a director and designed as Accountant General. The office of the Accountant General aimed at being the leading force in the provision of financial information and accounting services, adopting international accounting practices, thereby providing customer and stakeholders' satisfaction of the highest order. Accountant General is the head of Accounting division in the Ministry of Finance. His major responsibility among others includes the following:

To ensure that a proper system of accounts is established in every ministry and spending agencies; To bring promptly to account all money paid to the government; To conduct inspections of all revenue collectors; To charge promptly in the accounts all disbursement of the government; To ensure that adequate supervision and control exists over the expenditure and other disbursement of the government; To prepare and submit to the Auditor General as expeditiously as possible the accounts specified in the state Finance act; To compute and pay public service salaries and allowances; To issue from time to time such procedures consistent with enhancement of Finance Control; To ensure that proper provision is made for save keeping of public money, official receipt, etc.

The Directorate Expenditure and Financial Management / Accountant general

Department operates through two (2) main divisions: Division: Accounting and Financial Control; and Division: Financial Directives