A well constituted procurement team is essential to ensure a successful procurement. Ideally, the following functions should be represented in such a team to bring together the skills and authority needed to manage and conduct the procurement: procurement, program/operations, budget, legal and technical.


The functions of the procurement team are to ensure that:

i) proper procurement procedure is used;

ii) a record of the procurement is maintained;

iii) all time periods and deadlines are observed;

iv) all procurement documents and forms are completed and issued properly;

v) all communication with candidates is proper; and

vi) the process is protected through focus on maintaining the fundamental honesty, fairness and

transparency of the procurement proceeding.


The responsibilities of the main functions of the team are as follows:


i) Procurement function: The person responsible for this function is in charge of the procurement activity and should be fully trained and qualified in all aspects of procurement before taking on the responsibilities of this function.

ii) Program or operations function: The person responsible for this function should understand the specific objectives of the procurement and ensure that these objectives remain in focus throughout all stages of the procurement activity. For the procurement of items to be used by a particular department, the person responsible should be from that department, whereas for construction projects it might be performed by the project manager.

iii) Budget function: The person responsible for this function must ensure that the procurement remains within the limits of the approved budget and that the funds have actually been designated and put aside for this purpose.

iv) Technical function: The person responsible for this function should have technical expertise in the object of the procurement. He or she should have a major role in developing the technical specifications.

v) Bid evaluation committees: Bid Evaluation Committees are appointed by the Public Entity, in case of major contracts. Their role is to assist in the selection of the right contractor, consultant or supplier. A Bid Evaluation Committee should include technical experts as required by the needs of the procurement and the Accounting Officer of a Public Entity should not be part of the committee. The Bid Evaluation Committee has to ensure value for money and fairness and should be allowed to perform without fear and favour and without any kind of direction or pressure from any person or institution. It should strictly evaluate according to the criteria specified in the bidding documents



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