Inland Revenue Department



To administer the tax laws in an efficient and effective manner to maximize State Revenue from internal taxation sources


  • Encourage and achieve the highest possible of voluntary compliance in accordance with the tax laws and regulations.

  • Advice the public of their rights and responsibilities.

  • Determine the extent of compliance and the causes of non-compliance.

  • Do all things required for the proper administration and enforcement of the tax laws.

  • Continually search for and implement new, more efficient and effective ways to accomplish this role.

  • Broaden and expand the tax base in all areas of taxation, especially in the area of indirect taxes.

  • Strengthen the compliance function through enforcement and decentralization.

  • Introduce and develop tax policies and legislation which are conducive to revenue optimization and which takes cognizance of tax impacts on national savings and investments and sustainable growth.

  • To improve taxpayers knowledge of the tax system and procedures.

  • To educate and assist taxpayers and their advisors to understand their obligations and entitlements.

  • To foster a culture of voluntary compliance, thus contributing to closing the tax gap and maximizing revenue collection.

  • To improve public awareness of revenue administration and benefits thereof.

  • To maintain ongoing engagement and contact with the taxpayers and other stakeholders.

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