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The public Service Medical Aid Scheme (PSEMAS) is a benefit available to Government staff members.

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FLI is a national platform to enhance financial education for individuals and enterprises.

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ASYCUDA is a computerized customs management system which covers most foreign trade procedures.

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The CPBN is a procuring agent, that collaborate with the Public Entity to execute the procurement.

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Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) Portal to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the Tax Administration.

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Media Release: Fake Facebook account under Hon. Ipumbu Shiimi's Name

Post Date: 01 December 2020 |Read More

Notification to Taxpayers: Improvement In Payment of Value Added Tax (VAT) Refunds

Post Date: 26 November 2020 |Read More

Launch Statement on the occassion of the Commencement of the COVID-19 SME Loan Scheme by Ipumbu Shiimi, MP, Minister of Finance

Post Date: 24 November 2020 |Read More

Notice to Clearing and Forward Agents

Post Date: 18 November 2020 |Read More

Electronic Filing Tax Relief Programme for outstanding taxes

Post Date: 04 November 2020 |Read More

FY2020/21 Mid-Year Budget Review and Medium Term Budget Policy Statement Presented by Ipumbu Shiimi, MP, Minister of Finance

Post Date: 20 October 2020 |Read More

Opening Statement by Hon. Ipumbu Shiimi during the 16th Annual General Meeting of Agribank

Post Date: 15 October 2020 |Read More

Media Statement on the outcome of the Government Objectives Fishing Quota for Hake, Horse Mackerel and Monk by Hon. Ipumbu Shiimi, MP Minister of Finance

Post Date: 06 October 2020 |Read More


Notification to Tax Payers. Read more

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Environment levy on Lubricant oils, Plastic carrier bags and disposable batteries. Read more

Amendment of Imposition of Levies on Fuel. Read more

Detained Second hand vehicles. Read more

Two percent (2%) Voluntary Contribution.Read more

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