Tender Awards

Bid Nr. Description Date Awarded Successful Bidder Amount Unsuccessful
G/IQ/09-10/20 Procurement of a vacuum cleaner 18 Sep 2020 Shikenny Investment 8 200.00 Ramorana Investment
Namweya Investment
Deluxe Cleaning
BNG Investment
Innoele Investment
NCS/DP/09-04/20 Direct Procurement to restore CCTV systems at Head Office 13 Aug 2020 Connect 24 13 924.44  

Procurement of licence renewal service for the quest toad dba

suite for Oracle for IT Unit

22 Sep 2020 Business Connection 289 493.30

Omsylo Trading

Tekmak Investment cc

G/EPE/09-11/2020 Request to hand towels for the bathroom of the Minister 04 Sep 2020 Central Government Stores 350.04  
NCS/RFQ/09-13/2020 Procurement of conference & accommodation for the macro economic working group facility services: 11 Sep 2020 Hallie Investment 582 (PTY) LTD 91 400.00 Out Nature Country Lodge
G/RFQ/09-30/2020 Procurement of toilet equipment 17 Sep 2020 Innoele Investment 12 581.00 Pamolight Investment cc
G/RFQ/09-27/2020 Procurement of stationeries for storeroom 04 Sep 2020

Waltons Stationery

Brand Excellent

314 549.99

4 646.00

Bluesky Technologies

Christer Trading

IBA Investment

Dolomite Trading

Soulstar Investment

Pehanana Investment

SpaarSaam Investment

Brand Excellence

Ramorana Investment

Tekmak Investment

D-Raq Trading

Tegris Investment

Ebbrie Genesis

Mansa Musa

Shukeny Investment

Komtima Trading cc

Optaqon Investment

GMG Trading Enterprises

Paix Trading cc

S&S Consulting Services

Innoele Investment

NamLink Trading cc

Extraordinary Supplies

Urban Lifestyle Trading

Hawick Investment

BNG Investment

Namweya Investment

Alby De Trading

Pathyway IT & Furniture


Zone Seven Trading

Iland Investment

Pamolight Investment

Ngahelipi Development

Crown Distributors cc

Kretuva Investment

Waltons Namibia

GDN Investment

Kalahari Business Con

Sycrude Investment

G/IQ/09-19/2020 Procurement of disposable bags for infected materials 18 Sep 2020 Plastic Packaging 16 255.50 Taurus Maintenance Products
G/RFQ/09-40/2020 Procurement of Personal Protective Equipment 18 Sep 2020

MVM Investment

MK Medical Supplies

Mbandakoss Invest

69 000.00

111 600.00

5 262.00

MR Investments cc

Destiny Planner Invest

Optaqon Investment

Erongomed Agencies

Tekmak Investment

D-Raq Trading

GST Eight Seven

Desire Trading

Adu-Med Investment

Alby De Trading

Riska Invesment

RAJ Investment cc

Kalahari Business Conn

NCS/DP/09-15/2020 Call-out replacement ups services 14 Sep 2020 Electro Tech

20 762.00

11 143.50
G/RFQ/09-24/2020 Supply and delivery of urinal flash valve 15 Sep 2020 Shukenny Investment 99 172.44

Vega Investment

Knox and Daughter

Act Trading Group cc

Mansa Musa Investment

Innoele Investment

Shouli Investment
G/RFQ/09-35/2020 Supply and delivery of ULV coid machines & RBT Viridus Chemicals 10 Sep 2020 Medipark Pharmaceuticals 22 138.38

Harambee Cleaning

Element Medicals Supplies
G/RFQ/09-33/2020 Supply and Installation of safety glass at IRD Walvisbay 15 Sep 2020 Coastal Mobile Windscreen & Glass          5 700.00

CH 14 Investment

Tyfoon Trading
NCS/RFQ/09-48/2020 Supply and delivery of opened by Customs tape 01 Oct 2020 Grand Vision Investment 149 500.00

Hoandi Consultant

MMJ Investment

Namweya Investment

BlueSky Investment

Nagendji Invetment

EFH Investment

Innoele Investment cc
G/RFQ/09-39/2020 Procurement of knapsack spayers 29 Sep 2020 Kushani Trading 11  193.00

Desire Trading

Alby de Trading

Mbadakozz Investment

BNG Investment cc

Kalahari Business

Destiney Planner

Innoele Investment

GST Eight Seven Trading

Kontima Trading

Tekmak Investment

Pupkewitz & Sons