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Hon. Natangue Ithete is a member of the National Assembly (2015-2020) and Deputy Minister of Finance (2015-2020).He holds a Diploma in Human Resources and Labour Relations Management, Academy of York; Property Finance, Economic and Valuations, Damelin; Certificate in Banking. He worked as a valuation and Inspection Officer: Agricultural Bank of Namibia (2002-2015); Vice President: NAFINU (2013-2015); Commissioner: Employment Equity Commissioner (2013-2015); Board Member: National Youth Service ( 2010-2015); Member of Resettlement Committee (2007); SPYL Central Committee Member and Secretary for Education, Culture and Pioneer Movement (2007-2012); Vice Chairperson of Oshana Education Forum (2006-2007); Deputy National Secretary: NAFINU (2005-2013); National Executive Member: National Youth Service (2005-2009); Chairperson: Oshana Regional Youth Forum (2005-2009); Administration Manager: Ellerines Holdings (2001-2002) Assistant Manager : 4 Seasons Signs and Office Economix (2000); Chairperson: NANSO for Far-Northern Regions.


Ms Ericah Brave Shafudah serves as a Executive Director of Finance, Namibia.  Ms. Shafudah holds MSc Ed in Mathematics, MSc in Biostatistics, MSc in Leadership and Change Management and Diploma in Accounting & Finance.



Office Of The Executive Director 

Executive Director

Ms. Ericah Shafudah

Tel: +264 61 2092829

Fax: +264 61 230179

E-mail: Ericah.Shafudah@mof.gov.na

Personal Assistant 

Mr Andreas Ileka

Tel: +264 61 2092704

E-mail: Andreas.Ileka@mof.gov.na


Contact Details

Office Of The Minister


Hon. Calle Schlettwein

Tel: +264 61 2092930/31

Fax: +264 61 227702

E-mail: Suanita.Bezuidenhout@mof.gov.na


Economic Advisor to Hon Minister

Mr. Penda Ithindi

Tel: +264 61 2908

E-mail: Penda.Ithindi@mof.gov.na


Personal Assistant

Mr. Esau Mbako

Tel: +264 61 2092914

Fax: +264 61 227702

E-mail: Esau.Mbako@mof.gov.na


Deputy Minister

Hon. Natangue Ithete

Tel: +264 61 2092932

Fax: +264 61 238283

E-mail: Natangue.Ithete@mof.gov.na


Secretary to the Deputy Minister

 Anna Hamalwa

Tel: +264 61 2092933

Fax: +264 61 238283

E-mail: Anna.Hamalwa@mof.gov.na