Annual & Quarterly Reports

Title Size Status  
QEU April 2021final.pdf 1.1MB Approved
CPI April.pdf 745KB Approved
Synopsis of the Namibia Finanial Stability Report.pdf 731KB Approved
BOPJan2020.pdf 242KB Approved
CPI October 2019.pdf 944KB Approved
IMF Regional Economic Outlook for Sub-Saharan Africa October 2019.pdf 652KB Approved
Global Competitiveness Reporting Briefing.pdf 522KB Approved
Labour_Force_Survey_2008.pdf 867KB Approved
Preliminary national accounts 2018.pdf 471KB Approved
IMF WEO Sub-Saharan Africa summary - 07 04 2019.pdf 245KB Approved
QEU October 2019.pdf 975KB Approved
CPI August 2019.pdf 682KB Approved
Economic Updates April 2019.pdf 564KB Approved
World Economic Outlook April 2019.pdf 638KB Approved
Macroeconomic_Framework_2012.pdf 977KB Approved
Macroeconomic_Framework_2011.pdf 739KB Approved
Macroeconomic_Framework_2010.pdf 472KB Approved
Macroeconomic_Framework_2009.pdf 298KB Approved
Fiscal_Policy_Framework_2011.pdf 707KB Approved
Fiscal_Policy_Framework_2010.pdf 376KB Approved
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