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Advert for Fish Quota Auction 170321.pdf 21KB Approved
Amendments to the Harmonized System Nomenclature Effective 01 January 2022.pdf 4.6MB Approved
Clearing and forwarding instruction Form (06 2020).pdf 879KB Approved
Media Release - Air Namibia Court Challenge.pdf 2.4MB Approved
Media Release - Termination of Medical Aid.pdf 2.2MB Approved
Media Release Clarification of Stakeholders Mobiya and Others.pdf 2.9MB Approved
Media Release- Expendition of VAT refunds.pdf 111KB Approved
Media Release- Approval of IMF Loan(1).pdf 1.3MB Approved
Media Release- Fake Facebook Account under Hon. Ipumbu's name.pdf 2.2MB Approved
Media Release- MVA Board Appointment.pdf 1,018KB Approved
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