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scan0162.pdf 575KB Approved
Revised Media Release- COVID 19 Tax.pdf 221KB Approved
Revised Media Release- COVID 19 Tax (1).pdf 238KB Approved
Reminder- Application for Clearing Agents.pdf 1.1MB Approved
Readmission of Pensioners December 2021.pdf 174KB Approved
Re-registration of PSEMAS Members.pdf 198KB Approved
Public Notice UCR.pdf 1.4MB Approved
Public Notice Second hand vehicle.pdf 376KB Approved
Public Notice Fuel Levy.pdf 238KB Approved
Public Notice Environment Levy.pdf 212KB Approved
Public Notice - Purchose Order.pdf 1.1MB Approved
PSEMAS Contract Extension.pdf 1.1MB Approved
Prospectus Fish Quota Wet Hake 17032021.pdf 261KB Approved
Prospectus Fish Quota Freezer Hake 17032021.pdf 262KB Approved
notification to all fund admin.pdf 395KB Approved
notification to all employers.pdf 388KB Approved
Notice_HCSP.pdf 512KB Approved
Notice to importers-Ethanol.pdf 2.1MB Approved
Notice to clearing Agents.pdf 511KB Approved
Notice Taxpayers Walvisbay.pdf 377KB Approved
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