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The public Service Medical Aid Scheme (PSEMAS) is a benefit available to Government staff members.

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FLI is a national platform to enhance financial education for individuals and enterprises.

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ASYCUDA is a computerized customs management system which covers most foreign trade procedures.

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The CPBN is a procuring agent, that collaborate with the Public Entity to execute the procurement.

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Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) Portal to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the Tax Administration.

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Media Release: Termination of Medical Aid Scheme (PSEMAS) benefit due to non-compliance

Post Date: 15 September 2021 |Read More

Media Release: Appointment of Board of Directors: Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund

Post Date: 02 September 2021 |Read More

Discontinuation of the Issuance Manual Purchase Orders by the Government of the Republic of Namibia

Post Date: 06 July 2021 |Read More

Introduction of the SMS Notification for Public Service Employees Medical Aid Scheme (PSEMAS)

Post Date: 29 June 2021 |Read More

Notice to all PSEMAS Members and Human Resources offices at the respective OMAs

Post Date: 14 June 2021 |Read More

Clarification on the object, terms and use of the Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI) by Namibia from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Post Date: 10 June 2021 |Read More


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