Financial Services


Key activities undertaken


Strategic planning


The Ministry of Finance has embarked on the 16 July 2007 on Strategic Planning Process, with a Seminar on strategic leadership and change management as part of the Performance Management . The purpose of the seminar was to broaden transformational and visionary management culture in the Ministry of Finance. The seminar further ensured a fit between strategy and leadership, a change in strategy as it necessitates a deeper understanding of modern leadership challenges and appropriate situational leadership styles.


Another workshop is schedules later and will deal with the following broad themes:

Conduct situation analysis Consolidate and Integrate Strategic issues Develop Strategic Themes Develop Strategic Objectives among others. At local level, various training programmes were initiated by the Training Office of the Ministry of Finance in the Directorate of Administration ranging from Customer Care and Induction Training Courses for new recruits, to Supervisory Courses for those upgraded to supervisory levels.


The in-house courses from the current financial year 2006/2007 cover the following areas, as submitted in the table below:

Training activities also took place in Rundu 16 staff members, and Walvis Bay 15. Other courses will be scheduled as per the needs in particular Regions. The Department of Revenue Management consisting of the Directorate Customs and Excise and Inland Revenue continue to conduct their own functional training courses addressing their particular needs in Taxation and the calculation of excise duties. At other levels, continuous professional training courses are arranged for individual staff members according to their skills gabs in areas of Financial Management, risk based audit, budget management as conducted in the African regions through both MEFMI Management and ESAAG – (East and Southern African Association of Accountant Generals) to whom we are affiliated with.


  • Ministry of Finance and University of Namibia collaboration

The Ministry of Finance initiated 4 course offered to Public Servant by the University of Namibia, these are, Certificate in Government Accounting and Auditing, a Certificate in Management and Taxation, a Diploma in Public Account and Auditing as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Internal Auditing. These are all courses targeting accountants and well as Auditors.


  • Financial assistance


As part of skills development with a long term focus, the Ministry of Finance is also assisting staff members doing distance/Part time studies at recognised institutions with their tuition and fees for study material. To date 25 staff members have been assisted covering degrees in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Human Resources, Masters Degree in International Customs Law and Administration and other areas of interest to the Ministry of Finance.


  • Driving licences

The Ministry of Finance also assist staff members in Key areas to obtain their learners and driving licences, in that regards, 41 applications have been received and approved.